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Window Replacement Alternative for Knoxville Properties

Window Film Knoxville is proud to offer leading window replacement alternative options for residential and commercial properties located throughout the Knoxville metropolitan area. New windows can offer numerous benefits but have their own set of disadvantages especially when it comes to cost and installation. While property owners can take advantage of the many benefits that new windows have to offer, there are many circumstances where window film may be the better option for your project. Window film provides an excellent alternative to window replacement and can be the right addition for your property.

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Window Film vs. Window Repalcement

Both options have their own set of pros and cons, making it important to learn more about your options in order to make the most informed decision for your upcoming project. Let’s take a closer look at what the differences are between these two options:

Window Film Pros and Cons

Window film is a more affordable option than window replacement. The cost-effective pricing and quick installation times are often highly desired for both residential and commercial properties. Since window film can be quickly installed within a day to a couple of weeks time depending on the property size, it helps minimize operational downtime and inconvenience. In commercial settings, window film won’t require permitting for installation. When it comes to effectiveness, there are window film products available that can transform a single pane window into a double pane in terms of energy efficiency and insulation. While window film doesn’t offer the same effectiveness as window replacement, it does offer other incredible benefits that would be a significant cost for those looking to replace glass. Window film can provide energy savings, glare reduction, UV protection, privacy, decorative, safety/security, and much more. Additionally, exterior films and spandrel painting can help conceal damaged and outdated windows for a quick update. For the disadvantages, window film won’t offer the same property value increase as window replacement. While well-maintained window film can last for many years, it also won’t have the same product life as new windows.

Window Replacement Pros and Cons

From better energy efficiency to improved soundproofing, new window investment does have a lot to offer residential and commercial properties throughout Knoxville. But when it comes to upgrades like UV protection and privacy, these will need a considerable investment for these customizations. Window replacement is a true renovation project, requiring lengthy install times which can impact your property more drastically than installing window film. However, window replacement does heighten property value and can provide decades of benefits.

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