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Mirror Refinishing Services for Knoxville Commercial Properties

Mirrors in commercial areas are frequently damaged. Once destroyed, they may never be restored to complete clarity. As a result, after graffiti damage, they generally have to be replaced. This is an expensive choice as well as a time-consuming one. Mirrored surface films are an economical and fast alternative to replacing mirrors due to graffiti damage.

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Mirror Refinishing Surface Film for Knoxville Commercial Properties

A mirror surface film is a type of mirror coating film that can conceal graffiti damage and protect mirrors from further harm. They’re entirely inconspicuous once in place, so no one will ever notice they’re there, but the graffiti will be hidden. The finest advantage of these mirrored films is that they prevent future damage to the mirror feature. If the mirror is damaged or scratched again, the film may quickly be removed and replaced. Replacing an entire mirror costs less than removing and reinstalling a mirrored film.

Mirror resurfacing benefits for your Knoxville commercial property:
  • The best alternative to mirror replacement
  • Quick installations for minimal operational downtime
  • Sacrificial layer that defends against daily wear and tear and vandalism
  • Strong and durable enough to withstand acid etching
  • Conceals existing damage for the best impression possible
  • Saves property owners thousands in repairs and replacement
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Knoxville’s Mirror Refinishing Specialist

As Knoxville’s leading mirror repair company, we are the firm to contact for scratches on mirrors. In just one day, your mirrors will be as good as new. Our helpful staff is always happy to answer any questions you might have about mirror graffiti film pricing or installation. We offer free in-person or phone consultations. Please contact us now to set up a time for your consultation.

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