Ballistic Resistant Window Film Contractor for Knoxville Commercial Properties

The world is dangerous, and gun assaults are on the rise. Although Knoxville is quite safe, commercial areas still require protection from the unknown. Ballistic-resistant window film systems are an excellent method to prevent the consequences of a bullet hit. They offer invisible but effective protection to institutions like schools, government buildings, and other public places by providing continuous penetration while keeping glass shards intact after a bullet strike. We are the firm to work with if you’re searching for the best security film contractors in your region. We have years of expertise installing them and a large selection to ensure that you obtain the correct film for your Knoxville area space.

About Ballistic Resistant Window Film for Knoxville Commercial Properties

Ballistic-resistant window film systems are a fantastic method to safeguard your commercial space at its most vulnerable point: the glass windows and doors. The three parts of these systems are as follows.

  • C-Bond 2, the priming agent and high-end adhesive used to adhere the film to the glass.  
  • The thick, polyester window film sheets.  
  • Specialty framing to keep the panel of glass in place after a blow. 

When combined, these materials form a more durable and impact-resistant barrier that is resistant to energy transmission in the case of a bullet strike. It also keeps broken glass adhered to your property’s walls so that people on your premises are not harmed by shrapnel.

Ballistic resistant window film offers countless security benefits for your commercial property:

  • Defends against vandalism, break-ins, gunfire, explosions, natural disasters, and other high impact events
  • Invisible protection that maintains optical clarity
  • Lasts the lifetime of your windows and existing glass
  • Premium cost-effective alternative to bullet resistant glass
  • It slows intruders and gives bystanders time to escape

Work With Knoxville’s Number One Ballistic Resistant Window Film Contractor

We are the top window film contract in Knoxville, and we provide a wide selection of security window films in collaboration with numerous brands. We have completed scores of high-end window film security systems throughout the United States and here in Knoxville. We provide a free security consultation for your Knoxville commercial space as part of our services. Our experienced staff will assist you in selecting the film security solution that provides the greatest level of protection for your Knoxville commercial property. We’ll even come out in person and conduct a security audit. Contact us to schedule your no-obligation security evaluation to get things started!

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