Drywired Liquid NanoTint for Energy Savings in Knoxville

Window Film Knoxville is proud to offer Drywired Liquid NanoTint to Knoxville homes and businesses. Designed as an alternative to traditional dark window tint, Drywired Liquid NanoTint is a non-RF blocking substance that creates a durable thermal insulation coating on glass that blocks infrared heat, rejects UV rays, and provides incredible energy savings year round. Liquid NanoTint is 100% clear and does not obstruct visible light or RF frequencies, making it the perfect solution for airports, military bases, police stations, and other buildings that rely on radio transmissions.


About Drywired Liquid NanoTint

Drywired Liquid NanoTint is a thermal insulation coating that comes in a clear liquid form that can be applied to glass and polycarbonate surfaces to improve the energy efficiency of building structures. While traditional window films reduce light and alter the aesthetic appearance of glass, Liquid NanoTint does not. Liquid NanoTint offers all the same benefits of traditional window film while maintaining a 100% crystal clear appearance.

Liquid NanoTint Advantages for Knoxville Properties

Liquid NanoTint offers the ideal solution for improving energy efficiency without altering views or blocking light. It’s perfect for nearly any application including bent glass, textured glass, skylights, and hard to reach windows.

  • Rejects up to 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays that cause fading
  • Blocks up to 95% of infrared heat while allowing 90% VLT
  • Does not peel, crack, or fade and lasts for up to 10 years
  • Does not block radio transmission frequencies
  • Provides year-round climate control and energy savings
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