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Bird Divert for Knoxville Properties

We’re thrilled to bring to Knoxville Bird Divert, a cutting-edge window film designed to protect our avian friends from collisions. With its unique UV absorbing/reflective dot matrix, Bird Divert is virtually invisible to humans but serves as a visual guide for birds, helping them avoid window collisions.

Bird Divert, manufactured by National Window Film, is transforming the landscape of bird safety for Knoxville properties. As your trusted installation specialists, we ensure its seamless integration into your windows, ensuring maximum effectiveness without compromising your property’s aesthetic appeal.

Join us in this exciting initiative! Let’s safeguard our local birdlife and enhance the beauty of Knoxville’s properties. Together, we’re making a difference—one installation at a time

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The Impact of Bird Strikes in Knoxville

Bird strikes, where birds collide with windows, pose a concern in Knoxville. This issue is influenced by several factors, including the area’s diverse bird populations, migratory routes, urban development, and the presence of endangered species.

Knoxville’s location near the Great Smoky Mountains and various ecosystems attracts a wide variety of bird species. This diversity increases the likelihood of bird strikes, as there are more birds in the region. Furthermore, Knoxville is situated along migratory routes, making it a crucial stopover for many bird species. During migration seasons, the unfamiliar surroundings can lead to a higher risk of collisions with windows.

As the city grows and urbanizes, more buildings with glass surfaces are constructed. Glass’s reflective and transparent nature can confuse birds, increasing the risk of collisions. Additionally, Knoxville is home to certain endangered or threatened bird species, such as the Cerulean Warbler and the Red-cockaded Woodpecker, which are at greater risk due to window collisions.

Addressing the concern of bird strikes in Knoxville is essential for bird conservation, maintaining biodiversity, and raising environmental awareness. It contributes to protecting threatened bird populations, preserving the ecological balance, and fostering a more bird-friendly future for the region.

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Optically Clear Bird Safety Window Film

Bird Divert is an innovative solution designed to help prevent bird strikes by making windows more visible to birds. It does so through the use of an advanced UV absorbing/reflective dot matrix. Here’s how it works:

  • UV Reflectivity: Bird Divert is designed to be transparent to the human eye, so it does not significantly obstruct your view. However, it is engineered to be highly visible to birds, particularly in the ultraviolet (UV) spectrum. Birds can see UV light, which is outside the range of human vision.
  • Avian Visibility: To birds, the Bird Divert pattern appears as a series of black (absorbing) and violet (reflective) dots. These dots create a visual cue for birds, alerting them to the presence of a barrier, such as a window.
  • Reducing Collisions: When birds see this pattern on a window, they are less likely to perceive the glass as a clear path and are more likely to avoid a collision. The UV reflective and absorbing technology in Bird Divert effectively reduces the risk of birds flying into windows.
  • Human Transparency: Importantly, Bird Divert remains nearly invisible to the human eye, so it doesn’t obstruct your view or significantly alter the appearance of your windows. This means you can enjoy the benefits of bird safety without compromising aesthetics.

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Protect Your Property & the Environment

Investing in Bird Divert offers several benefits for Knoxville property owners:

  • Reduced Bird Collisions: The primary benefit is a significant reduction in bird strikes. This not only helps protect local bird populations but also preserves the aesthetic appeal of your property, as bird collisions can leave unsightly marks on windows.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Regulations may require the use of bird-friendly building materials. By installing Bird Divert, property owners can ensure compliance with such regulations.
  • Enhanced Sustainability: Bird Divert can contribute to your property’s sustainability efforts. Making your windows bird-friendly aligns with environmental and conservation goals.
  • Improved Property Value: Bird Divert can enhance the value of your property. It demonstrates your commitment to responsible and sustainable building practices, which can be an attractive feature for potential buyers or tenants.
  • Energy Efficiency: Bird Divert may help improve energy efficiency. By reducing bird collisions, you can reduce the need for frequent window cleaning and maintenance, ultimately saving on operational costs.
  • Environmental Awareness: Investing in bird safety sends a positive message to your community and tenants, showcasing your commitment to wildlife preservation and environmental stewardship.
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Bird Divert is designed to be virtually invisible to the human eye. It preserves the aesthetics of your property while making it safer for birds.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: By minimizing bird strikes, you’ll likely reduce the frequency of window cleaning and repair, saving you money on maintenance in the long run.
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Bird Divert Vs. Other Options

Bird Divert stands out from traditional fritted window film due to its innovative UV technology. While fritted window films rely on visible patterns that obstruct the view and may not be as effective in preventing bird strikes, Bird Divert employs a unique UV absorbing/reflective dot matrix.

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This advanced technology is virtually invisible to the human eye, preserving your view and property aesthetics. However, it works by creating a pattern of black (absorbing) and violet (reflective) dots that is highly visible to birds in the ultraviolet spectrum. Birds perceive UV light, which humans cannot, making Bird Divert a powerful tool to deter bird collisions.

By leveraging this UV technology, Bird Divert offers a balance between human transparency and avian visibility, making it an effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to reduce bird strikes and enhance bird safety while maintaining the appeal of your windows and property.

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Take Flight to Safer Windows Today!

Unlock the power of Bird Divert for a safer, more visually appealing property in Knoxville. Our bird-friendly solution not only safeguards local avian populations but also elevates the aesthetic appeal of your windows. Don’t wait—schedule your Bird Divert installation today and make a positive impact on our feathered neighbors and your property. Let’s work together to create a safer and more beautiful environment in Knoxville for all. Join us in making a difference—one window at a time.

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