Cost-effective Interior Remodels in Knoxville

Commercial structures are susceptible to wear and tear and occasionally vandalism. Interiors also grow old with time, requiring an upgrade in order to be modernized. Interior renovations like these might be costly and, as a result, cause operational delays for commercial spaces. 3M DI-NOC’s surface films provide an easy, less expensive way to do interior renovation in your Knoxville property without causing operational downtime.

What are 3M DI-NOC Surface Films?

DI-NOC is a brand of surface films produced by 3M. These films are available in over 800 different colors to cover up your current features. So, whether you have a wooden wall with dents and divots or a metal border with scratches, DI-NOC films may be used to hide the damage. You will get the appearance of a full-scale remodel for much less than the cost of an actual renovation if you use DI-NOC films extensively throughout your commercial place.

UV Protection in Chicago

The architecture films from DI-NOC breathe new life into your Knoxville commercial space. They will help you save time and money by replacing worn or damaged surfaces since they may be applied in minutes with no mess and minimal waste. The procedure is straightforward and suitable for businesses of all sizes, including hotels, shops, schools, offices, and more.

DI-NOC Surface Film Advantages:

  • Adaptive
  • A Green Alternative
  • Class A fire safety rating
  • Low-maintenance
  • Affordable

Work With Knoxville’s Leading Surface Film Contractor

 If you’re considering updating your company’s industrial space, we recommend that you contact our team of surface film restoration specialists. We’ve spent over a decade developing and putting up these films in business environments. With DI-NOC surface films, we’ll have your destroyed or outdated area looking brand new again in no time. It all starts with a free consultation, so don’t put it off any longer. We’d be delighted to come to your spot and get you on the road to restoring your Knoxville commercial area.

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