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Knoxville has a number of magnificent museums and libraries that draw visitors from all over the nation. They are a part of our heritage and help to preserve the region’s culture and history. Because they house so many priceless items, they must be safeguarded against various dangers. As a result, we are proud to contribute to the effort of keeping and protecting these magnificent relics, which is why we provide expert window film services at museums, libraries, and art galleries like us.

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Window Film Applications in Knoxville Museums and Libraries

UV Blocking Window Tint For Libraries in Knoxville

UV radiation is difficult to detect with the naked eye but does considerable damage to most materials. This is especially true for old paper, canvas, and cloth. As a result, museums and libraries must utilize UV-blocking window film to keep the sun out due to this type of potential harm since curtains and shades offer less protection than window film. The amount of protection provided by curtains and blinds is significantly lower than that provided by window film. This technology prevents 99.9 percent of the sun’s rays from entering buildings containing cultural items, resulting in their irreparable deterioration.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism in Libraries with Security FIlms

The most vulnerable security point in any structure is its glass windows and doors. They may be quickly broken to gain entry, which is why you should consider using security film to protect your museum or library. When high-endsecurity window films are applied with C-bond 2 adhesives, they will hold fractured glass in place even after a hammer or brick strike, preventing potential robbers from gaining entrance.

Energy-Efficient Window Film for Savings and Climate Control

Because museums and libraries have big open spaces and big windows, they tend to use a lot of heating and cooling. The majority of the heated and cooled air goes through glass windows, making window film that is energy-efficient in such buildings particularly beneficial. Not only is treated air kept within, but window film also reduces solar heat gain on windows, adding efficiency while also providing comfort.

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