Window Film Specs for Addressing Knoxville Commercial Property Code

Making sure your commercial property is up adhering current property code is crucial for a number of reasons. Property code is in place to keep visitors, employees, and other occupants safe in your building, helping you lower your liability. While property upgrades can be a significant expense, there are alternative ways to ensure your building is up to code. Window film offers an excellent alternative to glass replacement and can provide the same benefits that you’re looking for.

Window Film for Your Knoxville Commercial Building’s Property Code

Window film offers creative solutions for addressing the following concerns:

Security Window Film for Annealed Glass

Commercial properties require tempered glass as a safety precaution, meaning all annealed glass needs to be upgraded. Replacing windows and existing glass can be a significant financial investment that requires lengthy installations which result in operational downtime. Safety and security window film is the cost-effective alternative for bringing your annealed glass up to code. This affordable solution offers quick installations and transforms annealed glass to tempered glass.

Decorative Film for Distraction Safety Markers

Distraction safety markers are visual indicators on glass features that ensure building occupants and visitors don’t accidentally run into them. Decorative film offers a creative way to custom print distraction safety markers that can also double as a branding or marketing tool. Create unique branding and marketing collateral that can work for both short-term and long-term projects.

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