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Window Film Maintenance and Care for Knoxville Properties

Window film offers a great investment for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Knoxville metro area. In order to optimize the benefits and product life of your recent investment, proper maintenance and care are required.

Post-Installation Window Film Care Instructions

In very rare cases, your windows may appear temporarily foggy right after installation. This fogginess is created from condensation buildup and will dissipate within a few days during the curing process. An important note: Do not clean your window film for 30 days after installation. Depending on your area’s weather conditions, your installed window film should take about 30 days to fully cure. Do not clean your windows during this time as it can interfere with the curing process.

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Window Film Care and Cleaning Instructions

When it comes to maintaining your internal and external window film, it’s recommended to only utilize more delicate pressure. Avoid applying heavy pressure and never attempt to pop bubbles that may show up after installation. Bubbles are a normal part of the curing process– if popped, they can create a hole that impacts your film and allows for moisture buildup. If this occurs, please contact us immediately.

Window Film Cleaning

Since window film is actually less porous than glass, it won’t require cleaning as often after installation. When you’re ready to clean your windows, make sure to use either a mixture of mild dish detergent and water or any commercial glass cleaner. Always opt for a soft, non-abrasive towel or cloth for cleaning. If using paper towels, make sure to pick a softer option as some coarser choices can leave fine scratches. Never use anything abrasive like a brush or hard sponge on your window film. A squeegee or soft cloth are also good options for drying post-cleaning. We recommend never leaving moisture on top of your film as this may lead to moisture issues that can turn to bubbles or other concerns with your window film.

No other additional maintenance is needed but you can also apply silicone polish from time to time in order to improve luminosity and help prevent scratches.

window film maintenance chicago

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Window Film Knoxville is honored to be the number one window film contractor serving the state of Tennessee. Our team is always happy to help provide guidance and leading tips for proper window film maintenance and care. For more information, please contact us!

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