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We are the most popular supplier of C-Bond systems in this area. We’re also a proud collaborator with this industry leader in window film adhesives. This cutting-edge method is mostly utilized to construct ballistic protection systems. It’s a potent combination of C-Bond 2 adhesive and high-tech security window films that offers a slew of advantages, including increased safety and enhanced security against high-impact events such as earthquakes, explosions, and even UV exposure. They will provide resistance to high-impact incidents including natural catastrophes, explosives, and even UV radiation.

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About C-Bond Systems

A team of experts and researchers that specialize in nanotechnology developed C-Bond. It’s a specialized primer-like component that uses nanotechnology to boost the glass shattering resistance. C-Bond 2 adhesive has revolutionized the security window film business by providing an installation advantage. It works on the molecular level to create a more durable pattern while correcting natural flaws, resulting in improved shatter resistance. This process improves breakability and resistance against shattering while also eliminating natural flaws, changing the window film industry forever.

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The Benefits of C-Bond Systems for Your Knoxville Property

C-Bond systems are quite successful in a variety of ways. They may be used as a substitute for toughened glass and are ideal for safer Knoxville buildings, schools, and businesses. This is the first nanotechnology product to have been scientifically demonstrated to improve the performance of glass while also increasing durability.

  • Comprehensive protection against natural disasters, severe weather, and hail
  • Deters intruders and smash-and-grabs by creating a shatter-resistant glass barrier
  • Improves the performance of all window film products
  • Resistance for gunfire, blasts, explosions, and more

Work with C-Bond Systems Window Film Partner

As the area’s most experienced provider of safety and security window film, we utilize C-bond 2 adhesive in all of our safety and security window film installations. We also utilize it with other window films in our collection. This means that your windows will appear better for longer if you choose a product that is used in conjunction with C-bond2 or if you have questions regarding pricing. Contact us today if you’re interested in a window film that has been applied in conjunction with C-bond2 or want to learn more about pricing options. One of our team members would be delighted to come out to your Knoxville location to show you our extensive range of high-quality films and C-bond 2 adhesives.

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