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Birds colliding with windows is an issue in every city across the US, including here in Knoxville. These run-ins are more common in both residential and commercial properties than most people realize. In fact, each year, about 1 billion birds are killed by crashing into windows on buildings worldwide. These collisions can cause major property damage and lead to high maintenance costs. Even worse, they are destroying the bird populations and contributing to the potential extinction of some bird species. Bird strike prevention window film is the solution to this and delivers an effective way to stop bird collisions on your property.

Bird Strike Prevention Window Film Solutions for Knoxville Properties

There is a solution to birds flying into windows, and it is a rather simple one too. Bird strike prevention window film, also known as fritted window film, stops birds from flying into windows of Knoxville buildings. This specialty window film has a subtle grid-like pattern that’s only visible when the viewer is up close. These patterns make the windows visible to birds as objects rather than the open sky, helping them avoid collisions and potential death.

Bird strike prevention window film provides countless benefits for your property:

  • Affordable alternative to fritted glass
  • Only visible when viewing glass up close
  • Helps prevent bird collisions into your glass windows and doors
  • Lowers maintenance needs and repairs
  • Promotes bird conservation
  • UV protection for building interiors
knoxville window film bird divert

Now Offering Bird Divert in Knoxville!

Bird Divert is a revolutionary window film designed to prevent bird strikes. Unlike traditional fritted films, it employs advanced UV-absorbing/reflective dot matrix technology, making windows virtually invisible to humans while highly visible to birds in the ultraviolet spectrum. By creating a pattern of black (absorbing) and violet (reflective) dots, Bird Divert provides a clear avian cue to avoid collisions. This innovative solution is not only effective in protecting bird populations but also enhances the aesthetics of properties. Bird Divert is essential for property owners in Knoxville and other regions to promote bird safety while maintaining the charm of their surroundings.

Work With Knoxville’s Preferred Bird Collision Prevention Window Film Contractor

At our company, we are proud to be part of the solution to help save the lives of birds in Knoxville. We have years of experience installing bird strike prevention films so we know how to install them properly for maximum effectiveness. We offer free consultations as a courtesy to our customers. Our knowledgeable staff will come to your commercial or residential location to discuss simple film options to stop bird collisions with your windows. To learn more about bird strike films or to schedule a visit, reach out to us today.

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