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Prevent Fading & UV Damage with Window Film

UV rays are a silent risk that affects everything from our skin and eyes to personal belongings like furniture and wood floors. They are, however, simple to block by installing UV-blocking window film in your Knoxville residence or company. Window film is an incredible innovation that allows you to keep the sun’s harmful rays out without sacrificing the illumination or clarity of your interiors or windows. As a result, you may protect yourself against UV radiation without losing brightness or clarity in your interiors or windows by utilizing UV-blocking window film.

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How UV-Blocking Window Film Works

The newest generation of UV blocking window film is more advanced than ever before, allowing property owners to safeguard their space from the sun without darkening windows. These remarkable films function by separating out UV radiation from visible light rays and preventing them from passing through windows. These “spectrally selective” films are applied to the interior of one side of glass using a non-toxic adhesive that lasts up to ten or more years to block harmful UV rays.

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UV Blocking Window Film for Fade Protection in Knoxville

Sun damage causes fading, one of the most frequent results of sun exposure. When flooring, furniture, and goods are exposed to the sun, they begin to break down on a cellular level, causing irreversible harm. These items will ultimately need to be replaced because they fade, chip, flake off, and deteriorate. Home or business owners may preserve their furniture protected and avoid expensive replacements by using UV-resistant window film.

Some of the top benefits of UV-blocking window film are:

  • Blocks up to 99.9% of UV rays which causes fading
  • Prevents heat damage and warping
  • Preserves the value of buildings, merchandise, and furniture
  • Makes furniture look newer for longer
  • Protects artwork, rugs, and other colorful decorations
  • Preserves books, artifacts, and historical documents
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