Distraction Markers For Knoxville Commercial Spaces

Distraction markers are decorative window films used to improve the visibility of transparent glass. This prevents people from walking into them carelessly and causing themselves harm. Coder requires businesses to use distraction markers on their glass to guarantee safety in commercial structures. in some cities. We are the largest provider of diversion makers in the Knoxville area and do custom designs too.

Distraction Markers for Safety

The most significant advantage of utilizing decorative film on large glass features is protection. Glass elements like these have recently become a popular workplace design feature. This has increased the chance of someone walking into the clear glass by accident. Distraction markers, which are designed to draw attention to the glass, significantly lower the chances of someone walking into it inadvertently. Decorative distraction markers for safety are instrumental in preventing people from being severely injured from a fall into glass.

Distraction Markers Branding

Distraction markings are mostly used for safety. However, since they can be customized to any design, they can also be utilized as beautiful visual branding tools for your glass windows and walls.  They are modifiable films that let you incorporate your logo or website on a large glass feature or an interesting design.

Distraction Markers Privacy

Commercial spaces with glass walls have an open atmosphere that is both beautiful and appealing. They are, however, unsuitable for providing staff with the privacy they require to do their tasks. Adding decorative boundary markers to your space not only makes it safer, but it also provides seclusion in conference rooms, offices, and cubicles. These window films are completely customizable; so you may choose a style that complements your current décor while still providing the desired degree of seclusion. There’s no loss of natural light when distraction markers are used for privacy!

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We provide window film services for businesses of all sizes. Our inventory includes distraction markers from various brands.  We have a diverse range of films to choose from and can even customize something for you. For further information and pricing on these incredible window films, contact us and book a free consultation.

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