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We are one of the most well-known window film contractors in the Knoxville region. Each job, regardless of type, size, or complexity, we complete because we have over a decade of experience and an extensive variety of films to choose from. We deal with various security-related businesses and government agencies, such as energy providers, data centers, financial organizations, police departments, and government offices. Because we’re aware of the particular demands and requirements of secure settings, we know which ones to use.

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Secured Building Window Film Applications

Anti-Graffiti Films to Protect Secured Buildings in Knoxville From Vandalism

Vandals are drawn to myriad locations on guarded property, including restrooms and exterior glass. By covering a defaced wall, window, or mirror with anti-graffiti film, you may conceal graffiti in these safe zones. They can also be utilized as a deterrent against injury if the surface films are scribbled on. The surface films may simply be removed and replaced if they get marked.

Ballistics and Bomb Protection With Security Films

Secure buildings are frequently targeted. As a result, they must have powerful glass protection systems to fully protect these locations. While no glass can ever be completely bulletproof, C-bond 2-treated windows and thick security films may come close. The C-bond 2 adhesive at work on these security windows makes them incredibly resilient in a molecular sense. Even after multiple bullet impacts or the detonation of a bomb, allowing high-end security films and specialized window frames to keep the shattered glass in place.

Temperature and Glare Control Films For Interior Comfort

In secure structures, window film may be utilized to make the work environment healthier and more pleasant. Window film that purifies UV and glare and evening-out temperatures will benefit workers who work in secure facilities, just as those who work in other commercial environments. These films have been found to boost productivity while lowering tardiness and absenteeism by reducing solar heat gain on windows and evening-out temperature extremes.

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