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Solar Gard is one of the finest window films on the market, and we’re pleased to offer it. These remarkable films provide outstanding solar performance solutions for keeping your home or company cool and energy-efficient. They provide a wide range of window film products that insulate, reflect sunlight, conserve energy, and more. Each month, they assist property owners to save money on utility expenses by using Solar Gard films in their homes and businesses. We understand how to utilize Solar Gard films to help homeowners and companies in Knoxville realize the benefits of strong solar protection.

Solar Gard Energy Efficiency Window Films

Solar Gard Silver films are made up of several thin layers of precious metals on the surface. This gives the film a reflecting appearance that rejects heat while still providing high clarity. One of the best solar protection films on the market today, they also defend people and property against harm caused by UV radiation with an efficacy of 99.9%.

Solar Defense and Increased Window Insulation

The Solar Gard Silver AG Series is a great option for year-round window insulation. The low emissivity of silver AG films allows them to retain heated air in the winter but also to retain cooled air in the summer. This makes them particularly suited for regions with two distinct weather conditions, since they provide an extremely rapid ROI.

Solar Gard For Optimal Window Clarity

Solar Gard films are the ideal choice for buildings or homes seeking for a modern, streamlined appearance with minimal visual difference from their windows. These films, unlike other varieties that might give a gloomy look, are made without metal particles and have a clear, neutral appear. Despite their stunning looks, there is no loss of performance. They still reject up to 50% of solar radiation, resulting in significant energy savings.

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We are thrilled to collaborate with a fantastic window film business here at our Knoxville firm. Solar Gard is one of the finest choices for our clients when energy expenditure is an issue. If you’d like to learn more about these films, we can provide a custom quote for your commercial or residential property. Our qualified staff is ready to assist you in selecting the best investment for enhancing your space. Today, book a free consultation!


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